Our Company

central coast home buildingWhen creating and developing J Marshall Constructions Jody and Rene both wanted to achieve a residential construction company offering a service where you the client would achieve the following:

By combining the above services and both of their attributes J Marshall Constructions offers you a full custom design service and construction with Rene being the Principal Building Designer and then onto Jody with his expertise and experience in the construction field, taking you through the construction of your project to the completion - whether being a house or a project fully landscaped, decorated and finished to its entirety.

 At J Marshall Constructions we offer a full design and construction service that specialises in the following:

We can complete the project to the level of finish and inclusions you desire and we also offer a popular service with Developers of Dual Occupancies, Villa Developments or Granny Flats by providing a completely "Turn Key" project ready for immediate occupation or sale.